Honsberger's Honey & Bees

Thursday, January 27, 2022
Honsberger's Honey & Bees is a small beekeeping operation located in British Columbia. Our hives have year round locations at a community garden in East Vancouver and also at an organic CSA farm in Langley. Some of the hives are relocated in the spring to provide pollination services to blueberry farmers in the Fraser Valley.

We extract and bottle our own blueberry honey and wildflower honey which is then made available to the members of Nathan Creek Organic Farm, as well as here in our online shop, and in select local retail outlets.  We also collect and purify our beeswax to produce candles.

We are continuing into a second year at Nathan Creek. We raise our own bees and plan to expand the size of our operation this year by raising our own queens. Our expansion will include raspberry pollination and retail honey sales.

Honsberger's Honey & Bees is owned and operated by certified Master Beekeeper Michael Honsberger. HHBees operates out of Surrey BC and Langley. Mike has gained valuable experience working with local commercial beekeeping operations, especially the Honeybee Centre, and maintains an active membership to the Langley beekeepers club and the BCHPA.

Updated: Wednesday, December 7, 2011